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  • Q. What are Glue-Free Falsies™? A. Glue-Free Falsies™ are full-fringe false eyelashes that use extremely strong, tiny magnets to hold to your natural eyelashes. They are self-applied in seconds for gorgeous full lashes. Glue-Free Falsies™ use a patent-pending design, and are unlike any other magnetic eyelashes on the market. Glue-Free Falsies™ do not require magnetic eyeliner.
  • Q. Are Glue-Free Falsies™ semi-permanent like traditional eyelash extensions? A. No. They are applied in the morning and removed before bed. They are not to be worn while swimming, showering, sleeping, playing sports, in extreme weather conditions, or during an MRI.
  • Q. How are Glue-Free Falsies™ different than other magnetic eyelashes on the market? A. Glue-Free Falsies™' patent-pending design is unique. We re-invented magnetic eyelashes to make them comfortable, long lasting, easy to apply, and extremely secure. Glue-Free Falsies™ use tiny magnetic wefts to hold the eyelash strip to the natural eyelashes. This allows more control when applying them, makes them lightweight, allows the eyelash strip to move and flex when the eyelid moves, eliminates unnecessary bulk that could impede vision, allows a better fit along the lash line, and makes them hold all day long. The width of Glue-Free Falsies™ can also be trimmed to fit smaller eyes and our proprietary two-step adhesion process makes them last longer than the competition. Glue-Free Falsies™ magnets are also smaller and stronger than other magnetic eyelash brands. This means better hold, more lightweight, and inconspicuous magnets.
  • Q. What are "wefts" and "fringes"? A. The eyelash strip that is worn on top of your natural lashes is called the fringe. The little pieces that are placed underneath your natural lashes are called the wefts. The magnets on the fringe and wefts attract to each other and sandwich the natural lashes in between them.
  • Q. Will Glue-Free Falsies™ damage my natural eyelashes? A. When used as directed, Glue-Free Falsies™ will not damage your natural eyelashes. They are great to use if your natural eyelashes need a break from traditional eyelash extensions. Remove Glue-Free Falsies™ only as directed-- never pull them off your natural eyelashes.  
  • Q. How do I apply and remove Glue-Free Falsies™? A. Please see our Instructions page. **When applied properly Glue-Free Falsies™ should not touch your eye, eyelid, or waterline-- they should only come in contact with your natural eyelashes.
  • Q. How far from the inner corner and outer corner of my eyes should my Glue-Free Falsies™ be positioned to look their best? A. This will depend on the size and shape of your eyes. Generally 6-7mm from the inner corner and 2-4mm from the outer corner is a good rule of thumb. However if you do not have natural eyelashes at the inner corner of your eye, you will have to move them further out so they can grasp some of your natural lashes.   
  • Q. Can I wear Glue-Free Falsies™ if I wear contacts? A. Yes.
  • Q. Can I wear Glue-Free Falsies™ with glasses or sunglasses? A. Yes. Of course this depends on your facial structure and the style of glasses/sunglasses you wear, but most people have no problem wearing all styles of Glue-Free Falsies™ with their glasses and sunglasses. We recommend trying a shorter style to begin with. 
  • Q. Will Glue-Free Falsies™ work for me? A. Most people can wear Glue-Free Falsies™. Here are some things to consider: 1.) You must have natural eyelashes for Glue-Free Falsies™ to hold onto. If you do not have natural eyelashes, Glue-Free Falsies™ will not work for you. 2.) Glue-Free Falsies™ will not work for you if you have very poor vision, very sensitive eyes, or poor fine motor skills.
  • Q. I'm worried that my Glue-Free Falsies™ will fall off my eyelashes. Do I need to be concerned about this? A. It is very unlikely for Glue-Free Falsies™ to detach from your natural eyelashes if they are used properly. We use the highest quality magnets available and they are very very strong. We recommend wearing them with oil-free mascara to help them hold even better. (Make sure your mascara is dry before applying Glue-Free Falsies™ and never apply mascara directly to Glue-Free Falsies™.) Never wear Glue-Free Falsies™ in water, extreme weather conditions, while sleeping or playing intense sports, and never rub your eyes while wearing them. If you are wearing Glue-Free Falsies™ over eyelash extensions, gently squeeze the magnets together to make sure there is good contact. 
  • Q. Are Glue-Free Falsies™ safe? A. Glue-Free Falsies™ are safe when used as directedCaution: Use only as directed. Keep out of reach of children. Do not use if you have very poor visionpoor fine motor skills, or very sensitive eyes. Keep away from heat. Do not wear while sleeping, playing sports, in extreme weather conditions, or during an MRI.  Do not rub your eyes while wearing. Do not get wet. Do not let anyone else wear your Glue-Free FalsiesDo not let Glue-Free Falsies touch your eyeeyelid, or waterline. Use extreme caution when applying Glue-Free Falsies™ to prevent accidental eye injury. Never apply Glue-Free Falsies™ when you are rushed. Keep your eyes closed when removing Glue-Free Falsies™.
  • Q. Are Glue-Free Falsies™ vegan? A. Yes. We do not use animal products in Glue-Free Falsies™. The eyelash fibres used for Glue-Free Falsies™ are made from human hair or synthetic fibres.
  • Q. Are Glue-Free Falsies™ easy to apply? A. Glue-Free Falsies™ are very easy for some people to apply right from the start and very difficult for others. If it is difficult for you in the beginning, keep practicing! Once you get the hang of it, it is quick and easy. If you have a strong blink reflex, it might take quite a bit of practice to learn to control it, much like learning to apply eye makeup or wear contact lenses. (Do not attempt to apply Glue-Free Falsies™ if you have very poor vision or poor fine motor skills.) 
  • Q. What is included in a set of Glue-Free Falsies™? A. One set includes a storage case, plastic applicator, fringes and wefts, extra wefts (in case you lose some-- they are tiny!), eyelash brush, and instructions.
  • Q. Do Glue-Free Falsies™ feel heavy? A. Glue-Free Falsies™ are lightweight. They are made with paper-thin tiny magnets and are designed to not have any unnecessary bulk. Our customers tell us they do not feel heavy and/or they are no heavier than traditional glue-on false eyelashes. If you have sensitive eyes, they may feel heavy to you.
  • Q. Are the magnets on Glue-Free Falsies™ noticeable? A. No, especially if you wear black mascara with them. We use paper-thin tiny magnets. 
  • Q. How long do Glue-Free Falsies™ last? A. Glue-Free Falsies™ should last several months with daily wear, depending on how well they are taken care of and depending on how oily your skin is. The magnets are held to the false eyelash fibres with adhesive that eventually breaks down from contact with oils from skin and cosmetics. (Oils from your skin transfer onto your eyelashes.) Humidity will also decrease their lifespan. To extend their lifespan, strictly follow all of the included instructions. Use non-oily products when wearing Glue-Free Falsies™, avoid humidity, do not get them wet, always store them in a curved position in their storage case, and handle them very carefully. 
  • Q. Do I need to wear eye-makeup with Glue-Free Falsies? A. No but we strongly recommend applying black mascara (let it dry first) before applying Glue-Free Falsies™. Make sure to apply mascara on the natural eyelashes at the inner corner of your eye. Mascara helps the Glue-Free Falsies™ hold to the natural lashes better and also helps them blend with the natural lashes. Black eyeliner on the upper eyelid will also help Glue-Free Falsies™ blend better. Do not apply mascara or make-up directly to Glue-Free Falsies™. This will decrease their lifespan.
  • Q. Can I use Glue-Free Falsies™ if I have eyelash extensions? A. Glue-Free Falsies™ can be used in between lash fills to maintain full eyelashes, or if your eyelashes are damaged from extensions and they need a break to get healthy again. 
  • Q. How do I clean my Glue-Free Falsies™? A. Brush the ends of your Glue-Free Falsies™ with a clean, dry eyelash brush, avoiding the magnets. If there is mascara build-up around the magnets, use a toothpick to very gently clean off the excess. Be careful to not remove any of the adhesive that holds the magnets to the lashes. We do not recommend getting Glue-Free Falsies™ wet, so prevent getting anything on them that you would need to clean off with a liquid. If they have somehow gotten very dirty, you can dip your eyelash brush in rubbing alcohol before brushing your Glue-Free Falsies™, but be very careful to not get any rubbing alcohol near the magnets. 
  • Q. What is the cost of shipping? A. The cost of shipping varies based on the destination. Please see shipping costs at checkout and visit our shipping page for a brief overview. If you purchase two or more more sets, Expedited or Xpresspost shipping is free.
  • Q. Is local pickup available? A. Yes. Please see our local pickup page for more information.  
  • Q. What is your return policy? A. Glue-Free Falsies are final sale. They cannot be returned for hygienic reasons.
  • Q. What if I lose one of the tiny wefts? A. Each set includes extra wefts in case you lose some. You can also purchase a Spare Parts Kit in our Shop section.
  • Q. Are wefts interchangeable between sets and styles? A. Yes. If you purchase two sets of Glue-Free Falsies™, your wefts will work on both sets. 
  • Q. Where are Glue-Free Falsies™ made? A. Glue-Free Falsies™ are designed and developed in Canada. The components of Glue-Free Falsies™ (false eyelashes, magnets, etc.) are imported. The magnets on Dollface are applied by hand in Alberta, Canada. Each eyelash strip is meticulously handmade, so slight variations between sets are to be expected. Each set is double-glued, assembled, and packaged in Canada. 
  • Q. What are Glue-Free Falsies™ made from? A. Glue-Free Falsies™ are made from human hair and/or synthetic fibres. We do not use animal hair or any other animal products. 
  • Q. How do I decide which style to order? A. The style you choose depends mostly on personal preference. If you are petite, the shorter styles will look more dramatic on you. If you are used to long, dramatic eyelash extensions, you will likely prefer the longer styles of Glue-Free Falsies™. Please visit our Instagram profile to see photos of different styles on several different people. 
  • Q. How long is each style of Glue-Free Falsies?  A. Please see each product listing for specs. Because Glue-Free Falsies™ are handmade, please expect slight variations between sets. 
  • Q. Can I trim my Glue-Free Falsies™ if I think the lashes are too long? A. We do not recommend trimming your Glue-Free Falsies™ and we cannot accept responsibility for damage caused by trimming them. However, some of our customers have trimmed them with varied success. If you do trim them, trim one lash fibre at a time and do not trim more than 1-2mm. Once again, trim at your own risk. 
  • Q. My Glue-Free Falsies don't seem wide enough for my eyes. What can I do? A. Try repositioning them closer to the inner corner of your eye, about 6-7mm from the inner corner. If your eyelashes are very sparse at the inner corner, make sure you apply mascara first and let it dry. You may be worried you are moving your falsies too far from the outer edge, however your natural eyelashes will likely fill in this space. 2-4mm from the outer edge with still look natural. 
  • Q. I am having a lot of difficulty learning to apply my Glue-Free Falsies™. Do you have any tips to help me? A. Practice, practice, practice. Some of our customers were convinced they would not be able to "get it" but with persistence they are now able to apply them quickly and easily. Most people who have difficulty applying their Falsies have a strong blink reflex that they haven't learned to control yet. This skill can be learned though! Also try these tips: 1.) Never practice applying Glue-Free Falsies™ when you are in a rush. 2.) Use a magnifying mirror. 3.) Watch the instructional videos. 4.) Always hold the fringe (eyelash strip) in place with your non-dominant hand and apply the wefts with your dominant hand. 5.) Try sitting at a counter and rest your elbows on the counter to steady your hands while you practice. 6.) Make sure you store your Glue-Free Falsies™ curved in their storage case so the lashes maintain a curved shape. They are much easier to apply when they are curved. 7.) Play around with which weft you apply first. We recommend starting with the inner magnet, but some customers find it easier to start with the middle magnet or the outer-edge magnet. 8.) As you are applying your Glue-Free Falsies™, focus on positioning the weft where you want it to sit at the base of your lash line and allow the full-fringe magnet to naturally attract to it. 
  • Q. I accidentally got my Glue-Free Falsies™ wet. Are they ruined? A. If they are still wet, quickly remove them (if you are wearing them) and use a clean, dry eyelash brush to brush them until they dry. Make sure to brush them with the curl (try spinning the brush as the lashes curl around it until they are dry). Do not touch the magnets. Moisture can weaken the adhesive bond so inspect the magnets before you try applying them again to make sure the magnets are still intact. Never wear Glue-Free Falsies™ if the magnets are not intact. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee this method will work. 
  • Q. Will my Glue-Free Falsies™ be ruined if I cry while wearing them? A. Try your best to not get your upper eyelashes wet (use a tissue to wick up the tears along your lower lash line) and quickly remove your Glue-Free Falsies™ if needed. 
  • Q. Do Glue-Free Falsies™ contain latex? A. No.

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