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Hi I'm Maria, creator and founder of Glue-Free Falsies™ and GFF Cosmetics Inc. I am a former pediatric registered nurse and a busy mom of five. Beauty hacks are my jam-- anything to help me get ready in a snap and look my best. Glue-Free Falsies™ was born accidentally in the summer of 2017, when I was looking for an alternative to traditional eyelash extensions. My lash lady (my sister) was about to have her first baby and take some time off work, my eyes were progressively reacting worse and worse to eyelash extension glue, and I found it really difficult to get to my eyelash appointments every few weeks. I wasn't about to give up having great eyelashes though! I bought some false eyelashes and some tiny magnets and began fiddling with different ideas. My first few designs were major fails but I kept at it and finally figured out a design that was practical and looked awesome (I now have a patent pending on that design!). I made myself a pair with no intention of selling them. However, as with so many entrepreneurial endeavours, friends and family began requesting my falsies and it quickly turned into a fun business and a fulfilling creative outlet. I love helping women feel beautiful and confident. And yes, I wear my Glue-Free Falsies™ every. single. day. Thank you so much for stopping by!