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How to Apply:

  1. If needed, trim outer edge of eyelash strip to fit your eye.
  2. Apply oil-free, washable, black mascara to natural eyelashes and allow to dry completely.
  3. Position false eyelash strip on top of natural eyelashes, with the shortest lashes near inner corner of eye.
  4. Hold eyelash strip in place with non-dominant hand, close to the base of natural lashes. Use applicator to bring tiny weft to underside of natural lashes and attach it to inner corner magnet on false eyelash strip. Natural lashes will be positioned between the magnets.
  5. Repeat step 3 for middle magnet and outer corner magnet, then repeat on other eye.
  6. Reposition Glue-Free Falsies if you feel them touching any part of your eye, eyelid, or waterline.

How to Remove:

  • Use index finger to gently bend eyelashes back towards eyelid. Close eye and use edge of thumb to get under the tiny weft magnet (at the base of lashes). Gently lift the weft away from eyelashes and place in storage case with curl facing up. Alternative method: use thumb and index finger to gently slide magnets apart. Repeat for all tiny wefts. Place full fringe in storage container in a curved position, with curl facing up.
*Never pull Glue-Free Falsies™ off natural lashes.

    *Never apply makeup directly to Glue-Free Falsies™.

    *Exposure to oils, humidity, and heat will shorten the lifespan of Glue-Free Falsies™.

    *Always store Glue-Free Falsies™ in their storage case at room temperature.


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